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Project Overview
Building a startup's identity and experience while improving customer conversion.

Stashable is a full-service consumer storage under Iron Mountain. The startup brand prides itself on its service offerings, the customer service experience, and the professionalism of its drivers.
My Contributions
Webpage Content
Outdoor Print
The Customer Experience
As a part of the Stashable team, I conducted user interviews that helped my team understand the needs of potential customers who are looking to declutter, downsize, or simply make space in their lives.

The interviews gave us insight into how customers perceive storage services, how Stashable could increase conversions (new orders and subscriptions), and improve on offerings against other competitors.
Branding Stashable
After conducting the customer interviews and gleaming from what the team has learned it help informed how we can redesign the Stashable's website with informing new customers how Stashable's services work in a simplified step-by-step narrative, original new photography that humanized the services, and a webpage dedicated.

I contributed to the makeover of Stashable's warehouse vehicles and drivers' uniforms. I also worked on landing pages for segmented marketing, designed the "How It Works" page, and proposed ideas for out-of-home initiatives.
Out-of-Home Branding Awareness
Transit wraps for the fleet and outdoor advertisements.
Stashable Website
Revamped landing page with clearer messaging and original photography
Stashable How it Works
The one common pain point that I've found from our user interviews in San Francisco is potential customers do not understand what "full-service storage" is or how Stashable works.

Below is an overview of the wireframes, design, and illustrations I've produced for Stashable's How it Works webpage.

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