Sales Intelligence Application

User Experience, Enterprise Application Design
Project Overview
PepsiCo's consumer packaged goods experienced an uptick in sales* and rapid depletion as a result of panic-buying throughout the pandemic in 2020. It was hard for the sales team at PepsiCo eCommerce to keep track of these out-of-stock products by the minute.

The initial launch of the Sales Intelligence web application was an initiative to help address and mitigate the loss of revenue as a result of out of stock consumer goods at online retailers, such as Amazon, Kroger, Instacart, Walmart.
*Source: Marketing Week
My Contributions
User Research
Application Design
Design System Building, Management
Email Redesign
Forecasting Product Coverage
One of the key features built into the sales web application is allowing the user to forecast coverage of an individual or multiple products at a retailer.
The sales team at PepsiCo eComm kept track of sales numbers, out-of-stock data, and coverage of products on multiple spreadsheets and Amazon's Vendor Central. It can get hairy if not exhausting.

There wasn't a single channel that allowed a sales specialist to gain a high-level insight of their portfolio's health and of online retailers and take action on.

The first iteration of the Sales Intelligence web application enabled users both a visual and data driven view of his/her portfolio's health, including PepsiCo's warehouse inventory and of online retailers.

One of the key features in the sale application is forecasting weekly coverage of a particular product or several products. This allowed sales specialists to strategically see if a product would go out of stock soon at a particular online retailer.
Visualized Data & Interactions
The graphs utilized on the sales web application were custom styled D3 graphs that the front end engineers helped customize and implement. Having dynamic graphs allows the user to quickly gleam at certain variables for high-level information with the click (or double-click) of the mouse.

These graphs can be reused across other applications in the PepsiCo eComm enterprise ecosystem.
Create Born to Run Offers (Orders)
Another feature that gave sales specialists an advantage was adding a way to create Amazon's "Born to Run Offer.” This is an Amazon program for vendors to launch products on their website quickly.

For big vendors like PepsiCo it was a way to get ahead of putting popular products on Amazon to created coverage, preventing inventory going out of stock, and loss of sales.
Utilizing a Design System
As the Sales Intelligence application was gestating and being worked on, I was simultaneously utilizing, contributing to, and managing components and styles that were often reused in development. The new components from the Sales application that had reuse value would become part of the common core components library, Compopo.

Having Compopo ready on hand created efficiency in building not only the Sales application but other applications in the PepsiCo eComm enterprise ecosystem.
Below is an example of the Compopo Design System in action. The common core font family, color, styling in its components are utilized for a particular page in the Sales Intelligence application.

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