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Project Overview
Snowpow is a website and mobile app that provides weather information of conditions for resorts and mountains around the country and globe for skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts.
The top common questions that a skier and snowboarder will ask are: Will there be snow on the mountain? Will there be fresh powder the following morning?

Newly fallen snow is what skiers and snowboarders call "powder" or "fresh pow." Ideal riding conditions is when a mountain gets dumped by inches, if not feet, of fresh powder.
Chasing Powder
There isn't a clean and universal source where you can view the snow conditions for multiple mountains (or resorts). You'll have to visit each the resort's website or some clunky third-party website. Relying on a general weather website or app doesn't always give you the most accurate picture of the mountain's snow conditions.

The problems I've found with websites collecting snow conditions of various mountains are:
  • Lack of information hierarchy
  • Visual noise, clutter
  • Snow stats for a specific ski resort requires a bit of digging around
How SnowPow May Help
SnowPow is the solution to the problems above, and more. The website experience provides a visitor a highly visible search bar, a geo-filter, and a sense of exploring for travel ideas.
Websites shown below:,,

SnowPow: Search flow
Mobile View First: Sketching It Out
Wireframes for mobile, tablet, and desktop
Logo Studies
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