Iron Mountain - Stashable

User Experience, Enterprise Application Design
Project Overview
Stashable is a full-service consumer storage under Iron Mountain. The startup brand prides itself on its service offerings, the customer service experience, and the professionalism of its drivers.

Alfred is the web application that helps Stashable's team manage customer orders, customer profiles, warehouse storage inventory, and delivery scheduling.
My Contributions
User Experience Research
Discovery Research
Visual Design
Stashable's customer service and warehouse teams were plagued with issues relating to order management and logistics. How could Alfred solve these problems?

As part of the design team I was tasked to build, reiterate, and prototype the Alfred administrative dashboard. Part of this process involved sketching, producing wireframes, application map flows, testing, redesign, and high-fidelity prototyping.
Alfred, administrative portal
UX & UI Design
March 2018 — Mar 2019
Stashable's customer service and warehouse teams were plagued with issues relating to order management and logistics. There was no central location to access customer information, orders, and scheduling.

Basic information such as new orders, scheduling, and inventory were hard to find. Listed below are just a handful of the problems that Alfred aimed to fix:
  • The data being shared between sales and the warehouse team was disjointed.
  • ​​​​​​​The system for receiving and inputting customer information was slow and inefficient.
  • Inventory information was manually tracked on paper to be later inputted into a computer.
  • Microsoft Excel was being used to track customer's orders, payment, routing, and more
How could Alfred solve the problems?
The primary users of Alfred will be sales specialists (aka customer care), the warehouse staff, and market managers. They want a more efficient way to do the following:
  • Create and edit a customer profile
  • Create, edit, schedule an order
  • View order details
  • Ability to view truck routes, and schedule
  • Adding new operators to the system
  • Terms & Conditions acceptance for new customers
  • Ability to create a new order to an existing customer on file
Stashable's data shows that a majority of customers have placed their orders through the phone compared to its website and chat bot. Alfred should be a single administrative platform for both Stashable's Sales and Warehouse team. Alfred affords the teams the ability to perform all of the necessary tasks to create efficiency within the business.
User Testing
We invited the sales and warehouse team members to test out the early iteration of Alfred. Comments and requests for new features were noted, such as the following:
  • Ability to create new customer profile
  • Ability to schedule for pick-up or delivery
  • Ability to schedule for pick-up or delivery
As with any project, what were the constraints with building Alfred?
  • Time – Release Alfred before peak season
  • Engineers were overloaded with other projects
Goals with Alfred
Create New Order Experience
Below, an animated demo of the Create a New Order experience. The having most of an order captured in a single modal allows the Customer Specialist to generate an order more efficiently in one seamless sweep.